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Gift an Experience

When you donate to our Gift an Experience initiative, you will help those who may be disadvantaged in our community attend our workshops and musical theatre opportunities.

When a child is involved in the magical world of performing arts, they start a journey of learning and growth.  This boosts their self confidence and creativity and helps them to express their feelings and ideas.

They learn discipline and how to work well with others, improving their social skills and empathy.  Their focus and thinking skills get better, often leading to improved school performance.

Overall, the magical world of performing arts give children valuable experiences that help them grow personally and develop a love for creativity and teamwork.


Help us ensure all children have access to the arts!

Seat Sponsor.png

Consider purchasing the gift of a seat in our chosen theatre to provide a memorable experience for a disadvantaged member of our community.

Workshop Sponsor (1).png

Consider buying a workshop registration to empower a young creative with valuable skills and opportunities in the arts.

Masquerade Youth Productions Inc is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).

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