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About Us

We produce inclusive performance opportunities for youth!

Masquerade Youth Productions Inc (MYP) is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation producing inclusive performance opportunities for youth with non professional youth productions in a fun & friendly environment.

MYP strives to provide opportunity to young creatives by creating spectacular shows with stellar casts of 8-21 year olds.  The fabulous production team always bring fresh concepts to the stage to meet audience expectations for iconic shows.

With only 2 weeks of whirlwind rehearsals, technical preparation and costume preparations, MYP productions are energetic and a brilliant celebration of talent, friendship and theatre.


Our Mission

Masquerade Youth Productions Inc aims to create inclusive, fun and friendly performance opportunities for young people, fostering their creativity and talents through high-quality, non-professional youth productions.

Core Values


We welcome and embrace diversity, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to shine.


We encourage innovative thinking and fresh ideas, nurturing the artistic expression of our youth.


We foster a supportive and collaborative environment, building lasting friendships and connections.


We focus on personal and artistic development, mentoring young talent to reach their full potential.


We are driven by a love for theatre and a commitment to creating magical and memorable experiences for our audiences.


We cultivate perseverance and dedication, teaching our youth to overcome challenges and succeed in their endeavours.


We prioritise the well-being and security of all participants, ensuring a safe environment for learning and performing.

Vision Statement

Masquerade Youth Productions Inc envisions a vibrant and inclusive community where young people are empowered to explore their creative potential, develop their talents, and contribute to the rich cultural fabric of our society through the transformative power of theatre.

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