Online Exclusive Screenings for worldwide audiences

29 August 2020


Australasian Premiere Produced by Masquerade Youth Productions Inc.
A not for profit organisation to produce youth theatre and performance experiences.

This is a non-professional online production and will provide performance opportunity for 20 (Australian and New Zealand based) talented young performers to entertain audiences from around the world with exclusive online screening link.
Saturday 29 August, 2020


Mrs. Cartero, the mail delivery person, holds up a portrait of the Lambchop family ("Meet The Lambchops"). With the help of the Ensemble, Mrs. Cartero introduces Mr. Lampchop, Mrs. Lambchop, little brother Arthur, and Stanley.

Stanley, Arthur, and friends are having a sleepover when Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop declare it's bedtime. Stanley's friends Caleb and Jackson are too excited to sleep. When Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop leave, Cousin Sophie asks Arthur what he would wish if he could wish on a falling star. One by one the friends answer Sophie's question. Stanley wants to have an adventure like his favorite characters from stories ("I Wish I Were - Part 1"). Arthur interrupts him by declaring that "wizards aren't real," but that doesn't stop the kids from dreaming ("I Wish I Were - Part 2"). Right before everyone falls asleep, Stanley wishes to travel the planet and do amazing things. Arthur thinks Stanley's wish will come true.

Suddenly, Stanley hears a voice. He turns on his flashlight and discovers that the Bulletin Board above his bed has come alive to grant his wish. Stanley goes back to sleep and the Bulletin Board works its magic ("Stanley's Wish").

Everyone wakes up at a loud noise from Stanley's room. The Bulletin Board has fallen on Stanley, and Jacob is the first to notice that Stanley is flat! Mrs. Lambchop takes Stanley to visit Doctor Dan and Nurse Betty, but the visit is not helpful.

Weeks go by and Stanley is still flat. Arthur and Stanley are waiting for the bus and three Cool Kids, King Cool, Cool Chuck, and Cool Callie tie a string to Stanley on a windy day and fly him like a kite. When the bus comes the Cool Kids invite Arthur to go with them, and he does… leaving Stanley behind.

Stanley is stuck in a tree ("In A Tree") and regretting his wish when Mrs. Cartero happens by and orders him to climb down. He explains his original wish to her. When she gives Stanley his mail, Mrs. Cartero has an idea: Stanley should travel through the mail ("Travelin' Through The Mail")!

Stanley informs the Lambchop family of his new plans and begins his adventure. In Paris, he visits the Louvre Museum and sees the Mona Lisa and Napoleon. As museum curator O. Jay D'Art does his rounds, he discovers the unthinkable - a painting has been stolen right out of the museum! Stanley promises to help Mona Lisa and Napoleon recover their missing friend. Stanley disguises himself as a painting and calls for the guards when the Sneak Thief reappears. A chase ensues, and finally Stanley captures the Sneak Thief, who is taken by the Gendrame O. Jay D'art thanks Stanley and delivers a letter to him from Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop ("Mom And Dad's Letter"). They miss him very much, and Stanley decides to go home.

Mrs. Cartero hands the Lambchops a special delivery - it's Stanley, and he's not flat anymore! Stanley had fun on his adventures but missed his family. The Lambchops exit as Mrs. Cartero holds up their family photo again, encouraging the audience to make a wish on a star ("Epilogue").

Australasian Premiere Produced by Masquerade Youth Productions Inc.

© 2020 Masquerade Youth Productions Inc

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