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This is a non-professional online production and will provide performance opportunity for (Australian and New Zealand based) talented young performers to entertain audiences from around the world with exclusive online screening link.
Saturday 29 August, 2020

General Information

  • Please use a laptop or pc with secure & reliable internet access with inbuilt camera, microphone and speaker preferred.

  • Headphones with microphone for pre-recording material.

  • Alternative device to record is needed.

  • Safe, quiet and well lit area where they can sing full voice and perform choreography full out.

  • (Pets, friends, television shows, siblings, family, often create background noise and distractions that hinder an effective rehearsal and performance process.

  • Have access to a zoom account & operate functions

  • Use a non swivel chair

  • Devices are to be at face level height, not angled.

  • Background to be plain wall or closed curtain please

  • No eating on camera during rehearsal, water bottle on hand.

  • Wear plain black or solid color top (no logos) until advised

  • download links and have access to use/play

Pre - recording - SINGING

1. Please make sure that the track is being played through headphones of some kind, so on the recording, it is only your voice we can hear. If the backing track is included in the recording with you singing, we cant use it. (use voice memo on iphones or similar on other devices)

2. Don't record in the bathroom. It will create an echo that is not usable either.

3. Don't sing acapella (without headphones/the track). You won't keep time with everyone else, so we won't be able to use your audio

4. Please don't embellish any parts.

5. Please label/name your file with your name eg. Superstar_songname_voice

6. Load to the dropbox link provided in the group

7. Deadline for submission - 16 August 9pm

Pre - recording - DANCE

1 Film in your rehearsal space with the same background

2. Use landscape orientation not portrait

3. When recording film full length

4. Film on a straight angle - facing direct to the camera

5. Film in a light space, not when it is dark, or add a lot of lamps!

6. Keep the video going a little longer when you finish, so we have room to edit

7. You will be advised what to wear and have your hair etc.

8. Record with the music playing and you singing.

9. Label/name file eg Superstar_songname_dance

10. Load to the dropbox link provided in the group

11. Deadline for submission - 16 August 9pm

Any queries direct through;

Production Manger - Rachael Rooney

0448 228464


Australasian Premiere Produced by Masquerade Youth Productions Inc.

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