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Character Breakdown

Cinderella (double cast)

Cinderella is the heroine of the show. Sings a beautiful ballad. Strong singer/actor combination. This role requires a performer who can convey Cinderella's conviction and her inner beauty.



Stepmother is the mother to Portia and Joy and the stepmother to Cinderella. Casting a performer with the maturity to maintain the level-headedness of the Stepmother around frenzied daughters is important. Expressive and comedic talents make this character a feature.



Stronger performers with excellent comedic timing and physical comedy skills. Animated pantomime performers. Portia – demanding and tantrums Joy – no joy at all 


Fairy Godmother

Mysterious, Zany, lovable, and kind. Sets the comedic pace. Strong singer and engaging performer.



Actor who can portray both courtly elegance and boyish charm. Strong sincere singer.



A comedic character with great banter with the Queen, that also requires an actor who can portray the stature of a king and the caring of a father.



Animated and pantomime dramatic that is regal and endearing. Quick witted banter with the King makes a dynamic duo


A strong performer with reliability as there is several key moments in the show that rely on this character’s timing. A regal, yet loveable character.


Mice & Cat

Junior performers who are focused and reliable, adapt to being puppeteers and ‘magically’ transform into Pumpkin carriage characters and village children. Quick changes here!



Confident performers with great animated expression. Appearances in many scenes as various and unique characters. Great dance numbers, solos and feature focus opportunities

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